“...past the buried hulls of things / to come, and humbly through the breathing dreams / of all small creatures sleeping in the earth / to fall with the weight of things down on the one / still ebbing stream, to go on to the end...to come at last / into the pit where zero’s eye is closed.”
“VIII” from Runes, by Howard Nemerov (1920—1991)

This anthology of poems is a type of memoir in which the themes of loss, dealing with loss and its redemption through memory are conveyed through dialectical narrative and lyrical meditations. I began this process with the idea of reconciling my past with my identity to create an artifact for and of myself. My poems imply that it is through our recollections that we begin to piece together a narrative of ourselves, which not only makes us conscious of our progression through life and of our journey toward self-discovery, but also of the human condition that unites us all. Poems, like ghosts, yearn for a voice, for reckoning. Writing poetry allows me to revive those dead and gone for whom the bell of memory still tolls.

Nancy Agin Dunnahoe